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1 Relationship between cracked-zone radius and dominant frequency of vibration in tunnel blasting 刘达 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences SCI 2022
2 Degradation of sulfonamides in aquaculture wastewater by laccase-syringaldehyde mediator system: Response surface optimization, degradation kinetics, and degradation pathway 楼倩 Journal of Hazardous Materials SCI 2022
3 Effect of fixed time interval of rainfall data on calculation of rainfall erosivity in the humid area of south China 涂安国 Catena SCI 2022
4 Importance of grass stolons in mitigating runoff and sediment yield under simulated rainstorms 段剑 Catena SCI 2022
5 Uncertainty Quantification of Rainfall-runoff Simulations Using the Copula-based Bayesian Processor: Impacts of Seasonality, Copula Selection and Correlation Coefficient 刘章君 Water Resources Management SCI 2022
6 A Damage model of concrete including hysteretic effect under cyclic loading 刘智 Materials SCI 2022
7 基于SWAT模型的典型区域高标准农田综合管理方案模拟与优化 卢江海 节水灌溉 中文核心 2022
8 Reduced fertilization constitutes an important prezygotic reproductive barrier between two sibling species of the hybridizing Brachionus calyciflorus species complex 张伟 Hydrobiologia SCI 2022
9 江西省山洪灾害时空分布及其驱动因子研究 易建州 中国农村水利水电 中文核心 2022
10 抚河流域底栖动物群落结构及基于完整性指数的健康评价 胡芳 水生态学杂志 中文核心 2022
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